Alienation Test

Attachment Style Questionnaire
"Experiences in Close Relationships" questionnaire diagnoses your attachment style. After completing the test you get a good discussion of its implications with links for finding out more. They collect some personal data like age, marital status, ethnicity and nationality, so this data might be used in research, but they do not ask for names or other detailed identifying data.

Defensive Pessimism Questionnaire: Julie Norem
"Defensive pessimists lower their expectations to help prepare themselves for the worst. Then they mentally play through all the bad things that might happen. Though it sounds as if it might be depressing, defensive pessimism actually helps anxious people focus away from their emotions so that they can plan and act effectively." Quick checklist verifies your self-diagnosis.

Depression: Goldberg Depression Inventory
"This scale is not designed to make a diagnosis of depression or take the place of a professional diagnosis." But it does tell you the extent to which you report symptoms typical of depression. Like the other screening tests on this page, it is transparent.

Depression Screening Test: National Mental Health Association
A quick, confidential, totally transparent test for symptoms of depression.